Which company has the happiest customers in the world?

It’s the one whose logo they tattoo themselves with, isn’t it?!

After all, are your company’s customers so happy that they would brand themselves with your brand?


Well, if your customers could be as happy as Harley-Davidson’s, how profitable would you be?!

How unhappy would your competitors be?!

And you know what, Harley-Davidson’s journey wasn’t that long or difficult, cost them nothing and earned them alot. An awful lot.

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How to retain profitable clients

Do you know who are your most profitable customers? How do you work that out? How can you convert your less profitable ones into more?

Can you identify your customers that return you a loss rather than a profit? How much would it be worth to you either to remove those losses, or to convert them into profitable clients?

Why you are losing customers? Would you like to win (at least some of) them back? Would you like to know how to identify which of your customers are thinking of leaving? Would you like to ensure they don’t say anything bad about you to others?

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