Linkedin loses $10 billion market cap in single day on customers’ say-so

Reid Hoffman’s LinkedIn was trading yesterday at $109 a share having averaged 50% more than that for the last three years. As recently as October 2015 Forbes stated that “LinkedIn’s valuation looks fairly priced” at $192.

But in the New Year one market maker had LinkedIn’s customers surveyed and at the end of January declared it a “Sell”.

What did those customers say that caused the price to come down – and stay down?


G4S earn an extra £280m by restructuring customers

G4S operating profits for 2015 were down 27 per cent on the previous year at £183m, the company announced on 9 March 2016.

Anticipating this, CEO Ashley Almanza took advice in identifying unprofitable customers. £280m of unprofitable customer revenue has now been sold off, and another possible £350m has been unearthed that could be.

Can you sell off your unprofitable customers? Can you identify them in the first place? Want to find out how G4S did … ?