Debenhams grow sales – and profits – four ways

The UK’s second largest department store announced a profit rise to £93.8m on the back of sales growing to £1.63bn in the six months to the 27th of February.

CEO Michael Sharp said he had focused on their customers with four different approaches to raise sales and also profits.

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IBM’s sales decline for 16th straight Quarter

Not only did IBM report a 17% drop in profit yesterday, but the company admitted its sales revenues have declined for a solid four years from a high of $107bn in 2011 down to $82bn today.

What is the inherent contradiction at the heart of IBM’s sales model that you as the owner of an SME can watch out for and guard against? Get the answer on your mobile –



Centrica loses 224,000 customers, £300m off market cap

British Gas owner Centrica it lost 1.5% of its customers last quarter, and this on top of the 1% of lost customers in 2015.

Upon this announcement today, it promptly lost about 2.5% off its share price.

What have its customers been saying to cause Centrica to lose £300m of shareholder value? Get the lessons you can learn as the owner of an SME from British Gas’ poor customer satisfaction, and how you can prevent loss of customers and the value of your own business sent to your mobile …


Lewis returns Tesco to profit the Unilever way

CEO Dave Lewis has announced a profit of £162m following a loss of a mighty £6.33 billion a year ago!

Find out what he did at Unilever and how he also repeated Terry Leahy’s formula for success to see if you can make profits in the same way at your company …

ASOS profits, sales and customer numbers all up

Online fashion and beauty store raised sales revenues 21% to £667m, profits 18% to £21m, and active customer numbers to nearly 11m by two clever customer-centric strategies. What cool moves did new CEO Nick Beighton swing when sashaying in after founder Nick Robertson stepped down last September?

Malaysia Airlines climbs toward profit

At a time when the world’s airlines like British  Airways and Air China have been soaring to record profits, Malaysia Airlines has made a loss in every year since 2011. What two customer-centred strategies has new CEO Christoph Mueller introduced that have banked its first operating profit in February?

Foyles book profit from loss with Foyal clients

Find out how famous bookworm W&G Foyle turned a loss into a profit not only by offering exclusive benefits to its best customers, but also by stroking its Long Tail.

Could you identify your best customers? And is the size of your inventory limiting your customers’ interest in spending with you?