A Speedy way to lose £45m of goodwill

Speedy Hire plc, the £386m equipment rental firm leading the market ahead of nearest rival, the £285m HSS Hire, has this week written down £45m from its balance sheet because of declining goodwill.

Find out the three reasons why not looking after their customers has forced Speedy to sack 300 staff and to see a drop in their profits …


One thought on “A Speedy way to lose £45m of goodwill

  1. The 3 reasons are:
    1. they have consistently failed to invest in enough of the equipment that their rental customers were seeking;
    2. their customer service record has been consistently poor through not responding to customer demand and indifference to customer complaints; and
    3. an obsessive focus on large corporates to the detriment of their small business clients.

    A fourth reason could well be Speedy’s track record of placing accountants and those with only accounting backgrounds into decision-making positions.


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