Lewis returns Tesco to profit the Unilever way

CEO Dave Lewis has announced a profit of £162m following a loss of a mighty £6.33 billion a year ago!

Find out what he did at Unilever and how he also repeated Terry Leahy’s formula for success to see if you can make profits in the same way at your company …


One thought on “Lewis returns Tesco to profit the Unilever way

  1. Lewis has returned Tesco to profit by introducing better service, a simpler range, record levels of availability and lower and more stable prices. By improving his shoppers’ experience and his offer to them, he has gained a greater share of their wallet while reducing unit prices to them by nearly 5%.

    Second, Lewis is selling off non-core businesses like Dobbies Garden Centres, Giraffe restaurants, and Harris & Hoole cafes, while retaining its Dunnhumby data analytics firm to further focus on providing more customer value.

    He has nursed the supermarket back to health by putting the focus back on its customers rather than its margins.

    He came from being the head of personal care at Unilever, overseeing brands including Lynx, Lifebuoy soap, Signal toothpaste, Tresemmé shampoo and Dove. He drove them tp become the group’s biggest and fastest-growing division with €20bn of annual sales in the year before he joined Tesco.


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