Honda blow about $1billion after 11 customers killed

Honda posted a quarterly loss on Friday because sub-standard airbags have killed 11 customers and injured more than a 100.

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Capita cavalier with customers causes shares crash

Exposing his peremptory attitude to his clients and deflecting from his own insufficiencies as a Chief Executive, Capita’s Andy Parker blamed the 28% plunge in Capita’s share price on the Co-op Bank not paying for work done and TfL for over-complicating the IT upgrade to London’s congestion charging system.

Shares tanked by 259p to a three-year low for the beleaguered group, wiping £1.7 billion off its value. Parker also deflected the blame from himself to the Brexit decision for slowing down deals, despite the contract value of the bid pipeline rising 8% to £5.1bn.

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TUI see 11% rise while Thomas Cook endure 4% fall

At the end of September, TUI announced an 11% rise in winter bookings and were expecting a 13% increase in full-year earnings growth, while their main competitor Thomas Cook appeared to be going in the opposite direction. TUI’s success came from promoting destinations away from terror-hit Turkey and to focusing on package holidays.

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Celebrity chef cooks up losses

The Gordon Ramsay group of restaurants has been making losses since the 2008 Crash.

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